Start by googling Boycott Nestle.

Bottled Water Practices and Municipal Water Privatization.

Palm Oil

Child Labor

Decades old breast milk misinformation.

Local community nuisance.

Many other reasons we could add, please add any other reason in the comments.



First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.
–Mohandas Gandhi

Glad to see you are reading this!

Now let’s hope you can improve, as we all want to live peacefully.  We should express compassion and understanding to all human beings, even the misguided authorities.



It’s working and they are listening!  Keep up the good work and thank you to all the supporters, your encouraging words and actions are great!

As for the Nestle trucking issue,  we find it strange that they take sound readings when the trailers’ refrigerated units are off or the trucks are not even there at the time of monitoring.  We do hope they are taking decibel readings WHILE the generators are running and the diesel trucks are there, especially the tanker truck that fills them with gas every night.  The nuisance problem occurs every night, but the disturbance is intermittent, especially in the cold due to the thermostats turning the compressors and generators off and on.

She called gay people “queers”. LINK

Call for Boycott Troy Michigan or “deoccupy” LINK

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This is just another example of the ignorance and intolerance of almost the entire governing and enforcing body of Troy, Michigan.  If you’re human they don’t protect you much less care about you, gay or not.  Humans are “little” revenue that they more or less have to put up with and are a hindrance or obstruction.  While businesses are “big” revenue in which they love, support and accommodate.  It’s a good thing humans can still act without corporations, try that the other way around.

Big business and government are quite a team in Troy and this will get the fastest response.  The ONLY language Troy speaks is $$$.

I personally will not spend $0.01 in Troy until they serve all human beings (gay or not) and not serve banks, corporations and business interests (Like Nestle!)




It is time for concern.  Troy, Michigan has some very serious health and social problems right now.  From the top down the city seems out-of-touch with reality, but it is much worse than that.  The city of Troy, especially it’s politicians and police, show they are ignorant to civil liberties, seemingly unwilling to uphold their oath and threatening to peaceful, compatible living as reaffirmed by the Bill of Rights.

Their  mission statement is, “The mission of the City of Troy Police Department is the protection of life, property and human rights, through law enforcement service.”

I say BULL!  They don’t express like they even know what human rights and equality ARE, let alone how to protect them!  Their mission statement should be “Revenue through the myth of law and order.”  They seem to only care about revenue!  They do not seem to be protectors of freedom but mere sales agents of the city or state that collect revenue anyway they can.

They MUST be held to a higher standard and be held accountable.  Most cannot even hear properly from my experience with them.  I have video proof of their lack of judgment and their inept senses and I will be sharing it all.  As a matter of fact, they claim they can’t even hear this:

Here’s one of the trucks almost hitting a police car:

These refrigerated trucks are loud and the noise and vibration can be heard and felt over 1000 feet away.  The trailers sit with the generators going full blast all evening and all night.  They all leave between 5-7AM and the noise stops.  They are quiet during business hours and VERY loud during sleep hours.  Troy has noise laws written to protect from this kind of health risk but choose not to enforce them.  This poor judgment should worry all of Troy, Michigan.

We have been trying to get them to address and abate a health crime at 600 W Maple for six months and they are “less than interested” in helping.  They even insulted and attacked me verbally (also physically) as a means of trying to avoid actually doing work or investigating to resolve it.  The business is the big corporation, Nestle, which explains the reason they really won’t do anything.  The corporate $$$ again, and just like good salesmen they cannot hurt that revenue stream, even if the health crime hurts children.  Doing the right thing just doesn’t pay the bills like Nestle Trucking does, eh rabbit?

Please let them know if these health crimes are affecting you in any way by writing or by calling the city of Troy if you choose.  I would like to talk to them about it but they have requested an order to prevent me from verbally talking to the business and also to stop me from reporting the crime to them (one of their direct violations of the 1st amendment).  This will not stop me from attempting to make my family safer!  I will not stop telling EVERYONE else, instead.  It would be irresponsible of me to not try to abate this health crime, so I must.

This will eventually get resolved and they will abate the health crime, we know it and they know it.  Then, hopefully they will also apologize for their ignorant and dismissive approach.

Noise is not only pollution, but it is a real health risk that is being ignored or willfully let to continue.  http://noiseoff.org has some great info on the health risks of low frequency noise and vibrations.

Please help make the city better and let them know how you feel, also share how you feel in the comments.

Together we can stop corporate over reach and the abuse of police immunity along with the ignorant intolerance almost the entire city administration seems to exhibit.  We need to document each case of ignorance, intolerance, misuse and abuse to stop them before someone gets seriously hurt or killed.

I would like to also point out that the desk is staffed by both a very polite, well mannered person, but also the rudest young man I have ever met.  Thank you to the nice man for his attempts at helping and explaining, and no thanks to the young smirking dismissive man (who knows who he is).  We will pray for him.  Please encourage training for the officers on how to talk to people, how to be aware and reaffirm their oath and include a constitutional and human rights review course please.

We would like to see a police review board made up of citizens created and soon.  We see authority abuse far worse than this and it should be a warning of how far over the line they could possibly go.  “A good cop” would want police review and it is a simple litmus test if they accept it or not as to the current level of possible system and city neglect and oppression.  The desperate economy is making the city sell out some of our protections for a quick buck.

Cannot allow any ignorance, intolerance and abuse to go unnoticed.

Be watching and documenting.  The light is shining on Troy, Michigan so please do better from now on and maybe you will be forgiven!

Start with a simple concept, doing your job and doing it with honor and truth instead of revenue and ignorance.  Remind yourself that your “little” revenue are human beings that need respect (and sleep).

Nestle has many larger reasons to BOYCOTT.  Check them out here.


Troy Michigan Voted As ‘Largely Corrupt’ in 2009.