Anything over 65 decibels with no traffic noise is not allowed, this morning they were as loud as 80 decibels.

Here’s the latest disturbance at 600 W Maple:

Choosing to look the other way for a business at the expense of residents is an example of willful ignorance in Troy Michigan.

In view of these continued findings, you are strongly cautioned in regard to your duty to your constitutional oath versus your need for revenue.  Any additional threats in response to any reports about the repeated violations at this location will be treated as hostility and hindrance toward a whistle blower.  Helping or willfully ignoring a crime while instead targeting the reporter of a crime is a serious offense.  We will be monitoring the city for neglect.  Should you choose to not abate the publicly objected loud noise of well over 65 decibels when no traffic at this location, we will pursue enforcement action for neglect and consider you contributing to the violation by willfully ignoring.


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