May 28th 2013 and the refrigerated units at 600 W Maple Troy Michigan are 87 decibels.  Nestle Direct Store Delivery is responsible and over the allowed limit of 65 decibels.  The sound cannot be above 65 decibels at or past the property line.  The law is very clear about the noise origin vs disturbance location.  And the fact that collateral noise cannot be used as an excuse for breaking the noise law or for not abating the health crime.

At this point we see no choice but to file civil lawsuits against all parties, we have been more than patient even in the face of unlawful, unconstitutional ATTACKS both physical and mental on my person by Troy Michigan and Clawson Michigan officials.  They will not be allowed to treat people this way.  I will dedicate a portion of my life campaigning against the over reach of power and the blatant ignorance and neglect of Troy Michigan and Clawson Michigan.  I will do this directly, constantly and consistently.

BOYCOTT Nestle toll house cafe

April 28th 2013 and Nestle Direct Store Delivery Trucks at 600 W Maple Troy Michigan are still louder than the allowed limit.  The city of Troy Michigan is still neglecting to resolve this in the interest of desperately collecting business tax over protecting peaceful residential living.

A video is worth a thousand words:


Nestle at 600 W Maple in Troy Michigan emits noise louder that 65 decibels on a regular basis.  We will only post certain instances otherwise we would need to post 1000s of videos, but the sound limit, respect for neighbors and the law is breached every night.  On December 19th 2012 it was documented at 91 decibels peak with 74 decibels constant.  This is ignored due to Troy Michigan needing business tax income vs peaceful living.  Anyone allowing this breach with the power to enforce will be considered an accomplice.

This is public notice for abatement of a known health risk at 600 W Maple in Troy Michigan.



Nestle DSD took over many companies in the last few years. Such as Dryers Grand Ice Cream and Kraft food. These were amazing and thriving companys with happy well adjusted employees until Nestle took over…


Yet many other reasons to boycott Nestle.

Nestle CEO Says Water Is Foodstuff That Should Be Privatized – Not A Human Right

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LOUDEST YET! It is midnight 07-12-2012 and 99 decibels at 600 W Maple Troy Michigan

This is one of the loudest times that woke me up.  Which proves they are still careless, they have no interest in abatement and they need to be charged with disturbing the peace.

Watch at 1:07 when the driver realizes he’s being seen breaking the law and does something to the generator, use THAT to compare as it drops to 72 decibels, still over the limit.  99 decibels on the brakes and 84 decibels on the refrigeration unit. It’s midnight and this is NOT an industrial area contrary to what most might think.  The business must be under 65 decibels.  Even if it was industrial, the level is still only 70 decibels.

Can someone tell me how the officials can ignore the facts in favor of business tax?  Never mind, I know it’s nothing greater than mere greed and laziness.  It can’t be ignorance at this point because they are quite aware (as our interviews will show).   “Safest city” is misleading when you ignore reported public health risks.

If anyone can contribute experience in this matter or anything else please leave us a note for contact.  The support has been overwhelming, thank you… (most of you.)

If you live within 1000 feet of this health risk and you have been having trouble sleeping please ask your doctor about the affects of low vibration and noise on REM sleep and share your current state of health with the people allowing this crime to continue.



If Troy Michigan or Clawson Michigan won’t do anything, then we must do something.  Boycott nestle and TELL EVERYONE with voice and print to boycott nestle and why.

Nestle at 600 W Maple is louder than the city code is supposed to allow and Troy Michigan still choosing business taxes over peaceful, lawful living by ignoring these codes put in place to protect peaceful living.  The violations at 600 W Maple must be abated.

Health risks are being ignored and whistle blowers are being ignored, targeted and hushed -SHAME!  We take this as another serious transgression on our rights.

We have the right to redress grievances and if that takes your resources and time, tough!  “MAN UP!” (per your own unprofessional dispatcher’s words).  You will uphold your oath to the Constitution or (well look at the Constitution to see what happens if you don’t, you need to read that document more often any way).  Your resources come directly from our taxes which means you work for ALL of us but your entire PURPOSE seems misguided.

June 20 2012 still over 65 decibels at 600 W Maple in Troy Michigan.


It’s 3AM.  1000 feet away and the noise level is still over 65 decibels.  When there is passing traffic, it is not even audible at this distance but those Nestle trucks at 600 W Maple Troy Michigan sure are…

    On the video it was said that it was March 14th but it was actually March 15th.

I must point out, it is possible the supposed study done by the city could be just innocently and mistakenly wrong.  Even if the city checked and took a sound reading 100 times or more randomly, they might not ever get any loud readings, this is absolutely possible and shows proof the study could not be conclusive and it’s an outrage to hear otherwise.  If the city would have just taken a decibel reading during an observed and reported time of the truck trailers being loud, this huge misunderstanding would already have passed and we would once again have a level of quiet (when there is no traffic) that we had before the summer of 2011.  BUT THEY NEVER ONCE TOOK A DECIBEL READING DURING A REPORTED OCCURRENCE.  I find this strange at best, if not sinister at worst.

They wouldn’t dare allow calls to report this crime or take a reading during a reported offense or accept any witness statements because it affirms on their records that they have admitted there is still a problem.  I have already heard the city say they don’t want this to get “messy for the city.”  I see this as the city having to enforce a code against a big business take tax.  So they simply “warn” us to shut up and go away instead.



Even with no traffic, there’s still no justice, no peace, no quiet, and especially no residential complaints against businesses allowed in Troy Michigan.

Please decide for yourself if you would accept and allow this with YOUR brand new neighbors.

03-13-2012 12:00AM 86 decibels @ midnight with no traffic

03-13-2012 12:30AM 83 decibels @ midnight with no traffic

We have a letter from the attorney of Troy Michigan with the code stating that they cannot exceed 65 decibels when no traffic present.  I have repeated proof of them exceeding 65 decibels when there is no traffic present.





Troy Michigan FAIL

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